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Selection of coffee - Coffee perfection artisan coffee


Filter Coffee

Cappuccino - Small 1 Shot

Cappuccino - Large 2 Shots


Latte - Small 1 Shot

Latte - Large 2 Shots



Soya option also available 30c

Marie Louise Hot Chocolate

“Benoit’s” handmade chocolate – flavours milk, dark, or caramel

Deluxe - With Cream And Marshmallows



By the glass:

House White

House Red


Cold Drinks

Raspberry lemonade

Pip Organic Apple

Coca Cola

San Pellegrino orange

Glass orange juice

Still water

Sparkling water

Selection of Teas – Finest quality loose leaf tea

Marie Louise teas are all served by:

Pot (1)

Pot (2)

Pot (3+)

Breakfast tea

A tasty robust blend of tea

Darjeeling Earl Grey

“Taste” award winning fresh tea with natural bergamot flavour and fragrance of jasmine blossoms

Fresh lemon Tisane

Aromatic taste of lemongrass, apple, hibiscus blossoms, lemon peel and a natural lemon flavour rose petals with a dash of lavender

Natural Rooibos

A natural de-caffeinated tea

Camomile Rose

A calming blend of camomile, pink rose petals with a hint of lavender


Refreshing sweet and invigorating mint with the perfect taste of green tea and a dash of fresh mint

Japan Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is the traditional steamed green tea of Japan, finished with a light roast to develop a light pine aroma





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